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I thought for sure that Syracuse, NY would make your list.


Not in the least! I have very fond thoughts about Syracuse. It was our honeymoon spot (for Rebecca and Joe), it was where Joe and Bob met, we befriended some of our best pals of all time. We got to make movies and TV shows and write scripts and interview clowns. You dated all kinds of crazy people. Fond, fond, wonderful memories.

You're right, though, we don't ever need to go back there.


Even in retrospect, dating all those crazy women is not a particularly fond memory.

And there really weren't that many -- but they were uniformly crazy, I'll give you that.


FedEx Field really sucks. We saw Springsteen there and the seats were just awful. I can't imagine spending money to see 10 football games a year there.


It's even worse finding out that the relatives you thought WERE intelligent and cool are just so, so dorky. Which I suppose makes you/me a dork, too.

In theory, of course.

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